July 08, 2005

Who do you blame?

Really. Another attack by terrorists who's only aim in life is to destroy yours. Because of who you are, what color your skin is, what you believe and where you live. Radical vile beings who have absolutely no respect for life have chosen to harm innocent people rather than to positively change their world. They're not happy with their status in life? Their solution? Kill you.

Not pretty, is it? But do you know who are even more stupid then these idiot Islamic terrorists? The stupid people who instead of blaming those who detonated the bombs in the first place are blaming everyone but them! I am so sick of people shifting the blame on others! Blame Bush! Blame Blair! Blame the "oppressive" policies of the west -- which are....? What? Freedom to immigrate and live basically how you please as long as you don't hurt others? Blame those Jews. They surely had something to do with it.

Puh-lease. I blame the terrorists. See? Simple. Easy. The truth.

If you are too blind and stupid to see this, then do us all a favor, the next time terrorists attack: please try to be there. Preferably on the top floor of the tower or in the back of the bus...

I just read a comment here that the bombs were a way for London to "reap" what they had sown for some of their attitudes toward Islamic fascists for so long. No. This is wrong. Above I make a completely facetious comment that if you can't stop blaming other people and not the terrorists for their actions you should be a victim of a terrorist act.

But here is my true point: No one, no matter their ideology should have to suffer at the hands of terrorist. No one should be allowed to put your life in jeopardy because they don't agree how you live. It is not their choice to make and it will never be their choice as long as men like Bush and Blair stand up and defend their countries.

Yes, I still think you're an idiot, but you don't deserve to die by an act of terrorism. Your beliefs should not "sow" a bomb exploding on your subway car or your place of business.

No matter who you feel is to be "blamed", terrorism must be stopped. And the only way to stop it is to stop the ones with the intent to kill: the Terrorists.

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