July 05, 2005

Never Grow Old Edition

You are only as young as you feel...and we ladies of Cotillion feel quite young and alive. Here are some of our babes in action. Enjoy the show and please make sure to visit my fellow hostesses, Little Miss Atilla, The Anchoress and Reasoned Audacity. And of course the party can always be found at Cotillion.

Kellipundit explains why she blogs and her ambitions regarding blogging and that she does not eat catfood:
I'm fully involved with a real job... Oh well, maybe one day I can spend my forty hours a week coming up with derogatory snips while coloring within the lines. One can only hope. Isn't it funny how this one little hobby gets under the skin of so many? I've learned in my short 35 years on this planet that folks with this attitude towards others are simply insecure, petty people.
Little Miss Attila tells why she respects April Winchell.
What I admire are comics who are able to come to terms with their pasts, and talented people who deal with their demons in the here-and-now.

Sure: it's good to share your talent with the world. But it's more important to be a human being.

Proud Aunt "Mamamontezz" of Mamamontezz's Mental Rompus Room (say that three times fast!) brags about her nephew, Milblogger Slaglerock. Who can blame her? We're proud of him and he's not even related to us!
He made the promotion lists and will assume his new rank soon. Not soon enough, as far as I'm concerned, but perhaps that's because I have a vested interest in this particular sergeant.
Merri Musings tell us "What I did on Summer Vacation." Sounds like she had a great time and apparently her husband is "lucky" to have such cheap date:

We stayed at a little resort that had cabins right on the lake. We had a bar right across the cove that we floated our boat over to a couple of times. They had these amazing drinks called Rum Runners. Let's just say I am a cheap date while drinking those things.
Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy writes about her "meeting of the minds" with Gun Toting Liberal. Now, I don't think we'll have to worry about these two "converting" each other to the other sides but we do have to worry if they join forces and plot against the blogosphere. We can only hope that they use their power for good instead of evil.

Stacy, Not a Desperate Housewife, talks about 72 virgins.

It was being reported that part of the motivation for the hijackers was the prospect of these virgins. I looked at my husband and said "Why would a man want 72 virgins? They don't know how to please a man. I can guarantee you that an experienced woman would please a man much more than 72 virgins." He laughed for quite a while and said that I was right.

Emily Beal of Portia Rediscovered sends us on an historical "Road Trip":

Not only is is worthwhile and completely necessary to recognize past achievements, it's also important to note that they are, in fact, dead. Meaning, the same will be of us someday too, hopefully later than sooner. While many great inventors and thinkers made quite a bit of money from their invention, it was their invention that lasted through the ages, not their money or lifestyle. The same, again, is true of us. What we do, who we are, who we impact will be the lasting effect on the world, not what house we had or how much money we made.
Charmaine Yoest of Reasoned Audacity seeks to give Payton a new home. Maybe this child is destined to become part of your family?
Payton is a cute, African American boy with black hair and brown eyes born in 1991. He is described as being quiet until he gets to know you. He likes competition when playing in a group. Payton enjoys drawing, playing football, kickball and is learning to play the guitar.

Right Thinking Girl
tells us the story of Sean in Independence Day, a stunning, moving piece of one man's September 11th experience. You will read it and it will always remain with you.
"Okay," Sean replied. What do you say to that? When you start the day out with your wife and your 300 best friends, and suddenly you have ten people alive. What can you say?

Sondra K "reveals" the real reasons why she blogs... Strong language and brutal honesty warning.

Maxed Out Mama's Independence Day post is like all of her other posts: Absolutely brilliant.

Don't stint on the fireworks - we have a right to celebrate. But don't forget that what we're celebrating is not just the nation of today, but independence, i.e. the right of self-determination gained by armed struggle for those thirteen states by force of arms. The tree of liberty may have sprouted from and is still being watered now by the blood of patriots (See the Cotillion for a celebration of milbloggers) , but the tree of liberty looked to most the world then like a pretty anemic sapling. Self-determination was all we got.
Yes, this is Cotillion. A bit immature, a little bratty, awfully cute, totally endearing and always in need of presents. Who wouldn't want to be us?
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