July 03, 2005

Debutantes in Boots?

Debutantes in Boots? What's that? It is every female who serves her country or every wife who lives the wild life of a military wife. They are tough and disciplined. They do their jobs well. They don't always take no for an answer and they are too stubborn to give up. But they are also women. Women who shine and love and care. They are elegant but they will kick your butt if they need to. Want to meet some of them? I thought so. Here on 4th of July, along with the July 4th Gala at Cotillion, we're honoring some of our female milbloggers. Here they are:

Click here to read an interview with Juliette from Baldilocks!

"Early on, most boys learn to co-operate in teams geared toward a stated goal. Most girls do not and when they become women and join some aspect of the workforce, it shows. Think of all the stupid games that are played in offices dominated by women. It's because many of us were never taught how to work together or that, sometimes, the goals of the organization to which we belong are more important than our desires and our egos."

Click here to read an interview from Kami Erickson of Risawn.

"Be prepared to make some sacrifices, whether you be a man or a woman. The military is not an easy lifestyle, and it is very much a lifestyle. Unfortunately, as a woman you are already on a lower rung in the ladder then your male counterparts, so you have that to overcome, but if you can, you will be respected that much more for it."

When the line "your mama wears combat boots is NOT an insult..."

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