June 24, 2005

(my princess) The baby is

(my princess) The baby is going through a "stage". Yes, another one. She now refuses to go to "school" if she does not have a princess dress on. Today she was Tinkerbell. Yesterday she was Barbie. It will be 3 months until her third birthday but she has already informed me that she wants a princess party, so that should be fun.
Also where I work several of my coworkers have kids around 2 or 3 , so often we compare what the kids are doing, but I stopped doing that when after one guy told me that his 3 year old was adding and subtracting and another guy told me that his two year old could count past 25. My daughter can sing the chorus to Gwen Stefani's Holla Back Girls and help make cupcakes with granny... just not the same, I know.


But at least she is fun to be around, and there is certainly never a dull moment.

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