June 24, 2005

Beth from My Vast Right

Beth from My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has figured out why she has bloggers block:

Basically, I'm TIRED of the same old story with just names and other details changed. What's that story? You know, of course. It's the constant drone of those who insult our military, undermining the war with their on-message slander.

Ted Kennedy, Eason Jordan, Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, Al Gore, the DU/Kos/left blogosphere, etc. etc. etc.-what's the difference in any of these stories? None. They're obviously determined to MAKE the war in Iraq turn into "another Vietnam". I am convinced that they WANT this to be Vietnam-and for what? So they can say they're right? So they can say Bush=Hitler?

Her article is convincing and powerful and worth your time to go read it. Of course it's Beth so expect strong opinions and strong language. But also expect a profound articulate post regarding the insanity of the growing lies and the tiresome combat against them.

Beth wonders what can blogging do to make a difference? What can be done to fight the deceit propagated by people who truly hate America? This is what you do about it. You express a strong message of truth despite fear of people rejecting it and people ignoring it and you keep telling the truth to counteract the lies. Yes maybe it seems like the opinions of the American people are being swayed by mindless rhetoric, but if someone is not there standing up for truth, then it will surely be strangled by the deceit growing among it.

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