June 23, 2005

I hate my neighbors. They

I hate my neighbors. They are really not "our type" of people at all. I can't figure out how they can possibly afford to own their home but somehow they have managed to scrip and save and buy the house beside me! They must have ten kids. And each of their kids must have a pet of their own. And they're...gasp...ethnic. The value of my home decreases every minute these people live here. I know a few people on the city council and they agree that we do not need any of their type living in our neighborhood.

Fortunately for us, the Supreme Court has ruled that we can kick these "undesirables" out if we can think of why it is for the public good. I always knew that the Supreme Court had my best interests at heart.

Who cares about my neighbors? Who cares if the government is taking their home away even though they paid for it with their hard earned money? Who cares if my neighbors will now be forced away from the neighborhood they chose because the government has told them to? There's nothing they can do about it according to our benevolent Supreme Court justices. They will just have to leave and we can use their property for what we decide...for the "public good" of course. I am going to propose a neighborhood garden or maybe a nice community pool or a nice country club for all of us who actually deserve to be part of my neighborhood to enjoy...

Um. Okay. Maybe it won't happen this way, but now that the Supreme Court has ruled that it is perfectly okay for the government to take away your home for private businesses (this is no eminent domain, folks, this is corporations, office buildings, shopping malls, and contractors being legally able to ask your local government to kick you out of your home if they can prove that the "public" would benefit); what is going to stop some from abusing this? Which will be judged more important? The grandmother's home for fifty years or the new apartment complex? Which will gain the government's favor? The mansion or the middle class home? The homes of hard working immigrants or the new mall? The family farm or the new housing project?

If my land can be taken at the whims of the government, then is it really my land at all? Nope and this land isn't your land either...

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