June 20, 2005

The Gun-Toting Liberal writes a

The Gun-Toting Liberal writes a plea for the DNC to give his party back. And suprise. I agree with him. The Democrats have Howard Dean, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Kerry all with "Speak out of your butt" tourrettes and it is bringing the party down.

Why has the two party system worked so well for our country? Because both parties have traditionally been toward the center of the political spectrum and because the center is where most American people reside. The moderate right and the moderate left have kept the fringe elements of their parties under wraps. Until now. As Republicans, we have a vested interest in the Democrats NOT going off the deep end.

Yes I enjoy a little Howie bashing and his self destruction would not be so bad if he wasn't taking the whole Democratic party with him. Why am I so worried about the Democrats? Because Republicans work better when they have healthy competition. Imagine having to deal with any politician who knows he will be reelected easily because of the mess that the competition has made for themselves. Where is the motivation to continue doing the "will" of the people? The high ideals that they hold for themselves? Yeah. Right. No.

When Democrats move toward the left, the Republicans seem to move further to the right too. Their ideology becomes more extreme and less tolerant of compromise as they gain more control of the government. I'm sorry, but that sounds awful no matter which political party is in control.
We get two extremes running the parties and no middle ground covered. Who wins? I guess the person with the most biting comeback or the guy who screams the loudest. It certainly isn't the American people...

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