June 15, 2005

Okay here's the confession that

Okay here's the confession that will not make me very popular, but I was never very popular to begin with: I hated being part of the Terri Schiavo "blog- a- thon" at the end.

I don't want to name names but some people hijacked a wonderful purposed group and created a screaming parade of psychotic idiots who were emotional and crazed and blind to the law. And honestly, I was one of them. I backed off when someone asked me, what do you want them to do, storm the nursing home and kidnap her like they did Elian Gonzalez...oh...and something sunk in my heart because I knew I was losing a battle.

Please don't take this as a criticism toward Blogs for Terri as a blog or even as a group, I just feel that it got a bit "crazy" toward the end. Sometimes when someone believes something so much they become zealous and blind to anything but their end goal, usually when that happens, they fail to change minds because people just turn off. Are you surprised to hear me say this? Maybe.

I hated the criticism toward our president and the governor of Florida because they refused to "stretch" the laws established to save Terri, especially because if Jeb Bush had not taken the steps long before, she would have died years ago. They had done what they could.

I also hated with a passion the martyrdom that Terri was given because her passing fell around Easter time. There is still an idiotic ignorant picture of Terri superimposed on Jesus looking up as though they are both saints and martyrs and sacrificial lambs floating around the internet. No. Terri was just a poor woman who needed a voice not a saint, certainly not a savior.

Why did I keep blogging so long for Terri's cause? Because my original intent to give Terri's life worth, to give her a voice was still worthwhile. We were all trying to do the right thing by her and her family because it had become such a public thing. And yes, we may have gone overboard.

But The Gun-Toting Liberal says now with the autopsy results showing indeed that Terri's brain was atrophied and beyond repair that he was wrong to fight for Terri. Well I disagree. I still feel we were right. Why? Because for the years and years that Terri was alive after her accident, she never received the testing required to determine if she were brain dead. Terri never once received an MRI that renowned neurologists recommended she receive to confirm her diagnosis. There were too many questions still unanswered.

How do we now know for sure that Terri was a vegetable? Because some doctor took her corpse, pierced her skin, sawed through her skull and looked at her brain. That's the only way we know now, why couldn't we have known before she was sentenced to death?

Yes, we were zealous about saving her life, but they were zealous about killing her. Certainly, there is no shame in erring on the side of life. No one should die because of court order. No government should be allowed to take a life, no person should be allowed to take a life. And if you disagree, I certainly hope that you will not be the one making my medical decisions. I will stand firm that only God can give life and only God can take it.

Update: Michelle Malkin has more on the autopsy report and you simply must read The Anchoress' post on Terri.

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Update2: I did not intend to delete the comments below and they are not actually just deleted, just in purgatory and no, I will never figure out how to retrieve them. To make matters worse, the permalink HAS changed so anyone linking to this post before is now linking to...nothing. Sorry, it has been a rough day. I will work on fixing tomorrow (who am I kidding? I won't). Thank you all who were supportive and gracious in your comments and links. I do appreciate it.

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