June 13, 2005

The mother of the child

The mother of the child was insane. You need credible witnesses to prove something happened. Come on. This guy will never be convicted because the only people willing to let their kids around him are completely mental.

If you are a parent who is even considering an invitation to Neverland Ranch, then you are an IDIOT.

Just like this story found by Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild about the mother who kept her son in the basement with a shovel on the door and told him "Stay down there until I come back." because she feared her pitbulls might attack. What did she say when she returned home and found her 12 -year old dead? "Typical Nicky, he wouldn't listen to me."

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN, PEOPLE!!! Do I need to distribute a handbook? Rule #1: Keep kids away from sharp objects and pitbulls. Rule #2: Keep kids away from Michael Jackson. Is this really that hard to understand?!

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