June 13, 2005

I am just staring at

I am just staring at the computer screen at my beautiful blog (well actually I am staring at the post entry screen, but let's just pretend). A special thanks to Tammy who did a wonderful job, if you would like Tammy to do what she has done for my blog and for countless others then tough! I'm the only one who can have such a nice blog, so there!

Or just go to her blog and talk to her about designing your site. She'll do what she did for me; take an already great logo (thanks, Darlene) and reformat it or she'll take a blog in desperate need of help and make it shine (see Cotillion).

Did you see the sidebars?!

Now that my blog is so pretty, no need to worry about silly things like content...so I'm going to sit back and watch people just come to see how pretty it is...

...still waiting...

and waiting....

...ok, I'm going to go blog something right now!

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