June 13, 2005

Tammy from A Mom and

Tammy from A Mom and Her Blog fame has taken on the task of trying to make this little old Blogger site into a 3- columned blog of beauty. Of course she had it looking wonderfully and then I did something and messed it all up. So if you're using Firefox (and you should be using Firefox), you'll see my wonderful blog in all it's splendor. If you're looking at in IE...well it exploded.
Tammy, in her spare time, along with the work we had her do on Cotillion (she can tell you, never try to get 3 very opinionated ladies to agree on anything) and along with helping Janette (who's typepad ate her blog) create her beautiful new site and along with being a wife and mother and full time employee and a blogger herself, is still working on the issue. If any of you have any suggestions on how to fix what I did, please let me know! Thanks!

Oh-- and not to worry! As I have already been asked: NO. The logo is NOT changing. Darlene did such a wonderful job and it is truly "me". Tammy is just helping me with the format and to give me two sidebars because that means more blogroll links! :)

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