June 11, 2005

Unlike the current "feminist" mantra

Unlike the current "feminist" mantra being propagated, there are obviously differences between men and women. But those differences are not bad things. And they do not make us inequal from each other. Usually each gender's differences and strengths and weaknesses compliment each other. There is no reason that a woman's opinion isn't as valid as a man's and no reason at all that it should not be as welcomed as a man's as well.

I can't stand the left extremist view that men and women are the same or that men must be attacked and hated in order for women to be elevated. It makes no sense and it inherently tells us that our natural way of being is wrong. According to the "feminists", we should be just as aggressive, just as loud, just as bold, just as spontaneous as a man. It devalues our natural tendencies to hold back and examine the situation, to think it through and to talk it over. Those natural tendencies can be very important in the business world or as a mother. Just because a woman does things differently doesn't mean it isn't just as good as how a man does it.

So why are "feminists" trying to tell women that they need to be more like men?

I like Lorie Byrd's attitude in her column "Women should embrace the Blogosphere":

Whatever the reason for the small percentage of female political bloggers, I definitely do not buy the “Woe is me, I can’t succeed in the blogosphere because I am a woman” excuse. For those who do buy it, anonymity is an available option. A blogger’s gender can quite easily be kept a mystery.

Like many southern women, instead of complaining that my gender is limiting me in any area, I choose to look at the ways my gender can be used to my advantage.
(emphasis added)

This relates to almost everything. If your excuse for not being a success is your gender or your race or your past, then you will never succeed. Those are things that can not be changed and those are things that most likely only bother you. There are too many good things about being a "girl" that I refuse to dwell on a few stupid people who may have passed me over for a job because they didn't want to hire someone who could cost them in maternity leave or have to take a few days off to care for a sick child. That was their loss, not mine and I'm sure my current employer would agree.

You women in the feminist movement want to do some good instead of being angry all the time?
Work on making sure women know the value of education and the value of themselves. Educate men and women about their inherent differences and let them know that they are strengths for both genders. Work on getting over your anger and hatred and stop your stupid, ignorant attacks toward women who don't agree with your "men and women are the same" crap.

And just get over yourselves.

(Oh, and in the same article, Lorie says that "The Cotillion is a perfect example of one group of conservative female bloggers that is showcasing the uniqueness of their female voices" -- Thanks Lorie!)

And Beth at MVRWC is fired up about this subject too, so go see what she has to say.

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