June 08, 2005

My favorite part of this

My favorite part of this whole Howard Dean thing where he called said all Republicans were white and Christian?

Ken Mehlman, the GOP Chairman's, reply when asked about Dean's comments:

...a lot of folks who attended my bar mitzvah would be surprised

Dean, a white Christian, has once again used standard the "party line" jargon that the Democrats are the party for minorities... which is why Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Elaine Chao, Mel Martinez, Norman Mineta, Roderick Paige, Alberto Gonzalez, Alphonso Jackson have all been members of the presidential cabinet of a Republican president. Darn those GOP racists not allowing minorities in! What's that about just being a party of white Christian people?

And when did "Christian" become a four-letter word or an adjective used to insult someone?

I am so glad Howard Dean is the Democratic Chairman, Terry McAuliffe was never this much fun!

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