June 04, 2005

We didn't know it then,

We didn't know it then, but my children's church teacher was going a bit mad. She was a wonderful person but she was very elderly and apparently before being diagnosed with Alztheimer's, she began to teach us some crazy things. I remember the tale of sacchrine causing cancer and how Sweet 'N Low was being horribly dishonest by not labelling the small packets just like the Devil! The tale of angels visiting her family. The sickening horror we felt everytime she described hell. To be honest with you, even today, I'm not sure which stories are real or not. All I know is that her life was truly an example of a Christian and until she got sick, she was a capable teacher and understood what frightened ten year olds or not. Unfortunately by the time it was my turn to be in her class, we were not so fortunate (although my brother who is eight years older said she scared him to death too... but I think that was just because he was always getting into trouble.)

And not all she taught us was extreme, but even the truth she taught was taught with an ounce of fear and trepidation. To this day, I feel a knot in my stomach whenever I see a Bible on the floor or God forbid, in the bottom of a pile. "The Bible should be above every other Book!" "You ought never put the Bible on the floor, it is like putting Jesus there! Would you step on Jesus?" From her teaching, I learned to respect the Word of God. More than respect really, I was literally afraid of insulting God if I mishandled His Word. I believe beyond a shadow of the doubt, that Bible is the Word of God.

What does this have to do with anything?

It is just another reason to pity the Muslims and their sad religion. Apparently they too have respect for their holy book, but apparently their book is nothing more than just words and sentences and grammar and syntax. Something very fragile that can fade away from the paper. It must be protected at all costs, no life too sacred to protect over the flimsy pages of a book.

You see, we Christians, know something about our holy book. We know something about the Word of God. We know that in the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God and the Word was God. We also know that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory...

Yes, their "word" is nothing more than a few ink marks on a page. Our Word is flesh and bones and blood. Blood that two thousand years ago was shed for our sins. Flesh that was pierced. Bones that were bruised, but not broken. A life that died but could not be kept in the grave... The Word we have is more than just a book.

Which is why I guarantee you that true Christians would never kill if they heard someone was flushing the Bible down the toilet, they may become angry, they may become sad, or like me have a deep knot in my stomach and grief that someone treated such a revered book so terribly. But we would never kill. Because we know, the true Word is alive and can never be destroyed.

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