June 03, 2005

Since group blogs seem all

Since group blogs seem all the rage, and since they seem to only be highlight just the best of the best (i.e, Cotillion, Conservative Grapevine); I have decided a service to all my mediocre blogging friends out there and start "Mediocre", a group blog for the not so good, and definitely not the best. I think this fills a void previously untapped in the blogosphere. Qualifications are simple:
  1. Quality is over rated. No one really likes quality anyway.
  2. Punctuation and rules of grammar are optional.
  3. Don't go all fancy and start writing things that actually make sense.

Oh...and look. I qualify! Anyone else want to join?

(Janette's advice to my blogging slump is that I should "blog through it"...so yeah, thank her for this post, too.)

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