June 01, 2005

Call it wishful thinking but

Call it wishful thinking but when I heard Senior President George H.W. Bush's comments regarding his son Jeb's white house bid, I couldn't help but dream of the possibilities, another Bush president:
Former President Bush had said the night before that he would like to see the Florida governor run for the White House. “Someday I would, yes,” said the elder Bush, who turns 81 this month. He said Jeb Bush would be “awfully good” as president. “This guy’s smart, big and strong,” he said of his son. “Makes the decisions. And you know, not without controversy, but he’s led that state."
But a DYNASTY! You are in danger of destroying all that is good and holy and no, you can't have another Bush president because of the appearances. Oh my! It would be horrible! Or Something hysterical like that.
Yes, Jeb Bush has come from an extraordinary family. With a father who has been president and with a brother who is in his second term, the presidency seems to be a family business. Does that mean that he would become president if he weren't in the voter's mind qualified to do the job? No. Does it mean he may have a few advantages over anyone else off the street that might run? Yes, but that's reality. Anyone with a Ivy league education, a lot of money and connections to a political office has an advantage over anyone off the street...

Unfortunately Jeb's last name, might overshadow the fact that he has been a great Governor of Florida and could potentially be a great President as well.

But don't worry, Jeb still says he's not going to run. I hope that isn't a shame for all of us.

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