June 01, 2005

This has been an exciting

This has been an exciting day. When Beth, Janette and I began our massive emailing extravaganza to work out the details on what we wanted to do, all we had in mind was: 1. We wanted to be able to highlight some of the best of the best female conservative (and not-so conservative) writers of the blogosphere and 2. We didn't want it to suck.
I think we were able to achieve those goals and to surpass our goals of readership with the help of Michelle Malkin and NRO. Even CNN decided to give us a plug (Did anyone watch Inside Politics? Anyone? Oh well... Thanks to Eric and Merri who found the transcript!).

Thank you all for supporting us and the wonderful comments you've left at everyone's blogs (the not so wonderful comments, we just won't mention) and for the links to our sites. We hope to have a good dance for you every Tuesday, so bring your dancing shoes, put your white gloves on and keep Cotillion in mind...or on your blogroll...

Yes, I know other things happened today other than Cotillion's debut. But for the life of me, I can't figure out what...

Ann Althouse, Mary Katherine from TownHall C-Log and Instapundit were also gracious enough to link to Cotillion... and yes, to confirm the rumors, Beth and Janette will have to pay up.

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