May 31, 2005

What is the Cotillion?

What is the Cotillion?

First and foremost, it is a celebration of the diverse voice that is the conservative woman. Not just one person can speak for us, and no one person should have that obligation. There are so many of us here and willing to share our thoughts and our ideas that it seems a shame that woman in the blogosphere have been outshined by the men.

Name five women in the top twenty of the Ecosystem. Can you do it?

Last February, Kevin Drum could only name three in the top thirty. Once again, the boys seem to have a headstart on this "blog" thing, but that doesn't mean that we can't show them a thing or two. This isn't about making it an "us" versus "them" thing either, it's just about celebrating and highlighting some of the best female writers that shine.

Our intention is to be able to give the reader a wonderful place to start their journey into the feminine side of the blogosphere. And to show everyone that although we may not have the "links" of an Instapundit, we certainly have enough opinions to make up for it.

We hope to stick around, not take ourselves too seriously and maybe just enlighten everyone about who the conservative woman really is...

And so the dance begins.

It is my pleasure to present:

Rightwingsparkle sparkles with "Understanding Christian Conservatives 101". Since they can be a difficult lot to sometimes figure out, she uses her patience and wit to explain it to those who may not quite get it:

You don't know or understand Christians (or those of deep faith from other religions) too well, or you wouldn't dismiss our concerns on social issues. The idea of Arlen Spector as head of the judiciary committee doesn't bother you a bit, yet it horrifies us. Another 'moderate' supreme court judge seems fine to you. Good God! Look what the moderate ones have brought us so far. If all you seem to care about are the economic issues, then we become the Republicans the democrats imagine us to be, greedy and self involved.

sisu reveals "La Petite Illusion" saying that "Old European eyes could use a new pair of lenses":

I have told my American friends that the region in this world that has seen the most transformation and change is Central and Eastern Europe -- without shedding a drop of blood. So don't preach to us," snipped the head-in-the-sand, history-challenged German ambassador to the U.S., Wolfgang Ischinger in a New Yorker interview recently...Meanwhile, in less nuanced parts of the world, some prefer to believe their own eyes.

Kate of small dead animals says that "I concede" (but I don't really think she does) in this great "must read" post:

So, to my fellow moderate, mainstream, compromising Liberal Canadian citizens so tolerant of the mischievious ways of our political masters - today I concede.
You win. I lose. You are right. I was wrong. You were always right, and I was always wrong. Having broken the shackles of black and white, I'm ready to venture into this brave new ethical world of "Grey" and work with you. I can't say I understand it, but nonetheless - it's time to adapt.

The American Princess tells us "Why I do this", her lofty goals and ideals put most of us bloggers to shame, but maybe this is why she does "this" so well:

This is no meager argument about judicial activism, Howard Dean, or the 2006 elections, though, as a scholar of foreign relations and government, an experienced political activist, and a news junkie, that composes a susbstantial part of the output, this is about something much, much deeper. It is about supporting the spread of democratic ideals, the promotion of free-market
economics, the protection of true free speech, including the freedom of religion, and a deep-seeded concern for the sanctity and dignity of human life, even in its most innocent forms.

The Anchoress examines the tensions of Muslims and Americans here and abroad in "Oh, Yeah this is Recent Hate" answering the question posed by an Arabic writer: Why do you American hate the Muslims so much?

America “hates” so many Muslims that it allows its sons and daughters to die to liberate millions of them from tyranny and oppression, but we “hate” them? America “hates” Muslims as they build schools and hospitals for them?

Fausta keeper of The Bad Hair Blog blogs about Star Wars much, N.J. taxes, a little Venezuela and alot of Spain. What did you expect her to choose just one wonderful post to highlight? Did she expect me to choose for her? Never, dahling, as everyone knows: a lady is entitled to many many opinions. An exerpt from the "Sith":

Hey! Chewy's back! But, in the Planet of the Apes?

Denita of Who Tends the Fires writes beautifully about our "Beautiful Freedoms":

I was not told when I must wake or get out of bed, my only obligation is to attend to the needs of my son and husband. My clothing is my own style, not something I'm expected to wear or die for the crime of showing too much skin. My computer is connected to a mind-bending floodgate of information that I can read of my own free will; the only thing my family is expected to do is pay for the facilities once a month. I need not fear having my door kicked in for the crime of reading whatever I wanted, or the crime of expressing my opinions in a public forum.

Beth from Yeah, Right, Whatever is truly a lady. She not only gives screamingly funny and true observations at Walmart, she also can tan with the best of them:

Let's look at this logically, for just a moment. Human beings survived for millennia in a mostly agrarian society before the invention of sun screen. So... there must be something in our anatomy that protects us (and there's also a reason why people in climates closer to the equator have darker skin- more protection). But... that's not to say that it's healthy to coat yourself with Crisco™ and intentionally cook yourself for the sake of beauty.

Oh, but the party is not over yet...

Janette of Common Sense Runs Wild presents:

Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy hosts a wonderful bunch of ladies as well. Go on over and say hello to:

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