May 31, 2005

All too often in the

All too often in the blogosphere the following annoying question comes up: “Where are the female bloggers?” Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Jody of Steal the Bandwagon and I asked the following ladies to join us in the very special project of answering that question. The participants were invited based solely on our enjoyment of their blogs. Traffic and linkage played no role in our decision as to who to include, we simply enjoy their work and we thought that you may too.

Our purpose is to raise the visibility of some great female bloggers in hopes that we never have to deal with a certain annoying question again.

Part One

A Mom and Her Blog taking on a tough subject that should concern everyone in the blogosphere: Tammy presents How Screwed Up Is This? She highlights the problem of repeat violent criminal offenders and the current epidemic of violence against children. She also suggests a solution.

This is no way to treat a lady: Carol, the Lady of the blog at An American Housewife is appalled by the treatment of Laura Bush during her recent trip to Jerusalem. She also marvels at the graciousness of another real lady in Laura Bush Gets Heckled.

This lady is a bitch: Raven at And Rightly So! Embraces the former slur, Bitch. After reading her reasoning I’ll be proud for you to call me one too.

So far we’ve had a Mom, a Lady and a Bitch, let’s toss things up a little and bring in a Jane Novak the Docile Pupil of a Monkey Monk. No really. Some pissy Yemenis are on the case of Jane at Armies of Liberation. Go and be awed by the power of a woman in the blogosphere enraging the right people around the world.

We’re waiting for her to write that book: Proving that conservative bloggers have not forgotten Terri Schiavo, Crystal boils down the entire problem with the Terri’s case in One Finder of Fact .

A braver woman than I: Darleen admits to trolling the “leftist blogs for snorts and chuckles.” My first thought was better her than me there’s usually not a long enough shower in the world to wash off that stench. After reading her post How Do They Do It? –Some Answers I have to say I’m glad she’s willing to take one for the team.

A simple tootsie in the country but a goddess in the blogosphere: Claire gives the President some excellent advice on how to deal with Amnesty International in Hey, Dubya –Don’t Feed the Moonbats.

Proving that girls don’t always like surprises (and men can like them even less): Christina at Feisty Repartee proves that women generally hit what they’re aiming for in Date From Hell.

A woman not afraid of a fight: Sadie submits a post taking on the arguments as to why there’s a lack of women in the upper tiers of the blogosphere. Screw Diversity is an attempt to head off affirmative action in the Ecosystem.

The other two-thirds of The Cotillion's debut: Beth and Jody.

Written by Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild.

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