May 29, 2005

Because I have a hard

Because I have a hard time buying presents for my niece and nephew who aren't quite teenagers yet, I know how difficult it is to shop for teenagers. Apparently though Anette Pharris had no problem when figuring out what she was going to get her 16-year old son for his birthday:

A Stripper. For his birthday party.

What an awful, ignorant woman. I can't understand what person in their right mind would think that an appropiate gift for a 16-year old is a stripper. Anette Pharris has now been indicted for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and involving a minor in obscene acts. The boy's father and the stripper also face charges.

"I tried to do something special for my son,” Pharris said. “It didn’t harm him.”
Anette Pharris took photos at the party and tried to have them developed at a nearby drug store. Drug store employees notified authorities, police said.
“Who are they to tell me what I can and can’t show to my own children?” the mother said.

Somebody needs to tell her what she can and can't show her children because she obviously doesn't have the sense to make that determination herself. Not just her children were at the party but also 10 other kids. Does she have the right to expose those children as well? Another example of someone who doesn't even have a clue.

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