May 26, 2005

The Carnival of Comedies is

The Carnival of Comedies is up at IMAO. Spacemonkey hosts and does a fine job. I submitted this week because honestly: my Think Sink Exposed post needed more exposure. I mean, it deserved more than just the five or so regulars ridiculing and laughing at with Jeff, right?

In more IMAO news (how's that for a transition?), apparently Harvey will be using the site to host next week's new blog showcase. I encourage every blogger who has a blog 3 months or younger to submit something next week, even if you submitted something to my attempt to host...actually ESPECIALLY if you submitted something for last Monday's post. IMAO will definitely send a lot of traffic your way, just because they get...oh...a couple more thousand hits a day than I do. Yeah, if I get a thousand hits in a week, I think I'm cool.

Go to the New Blog Showcase site for more information, it will be worth your time!

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