May 26, 2005

Late (well, late for me)

Late (well, late for me) last night, I wrote this post here, yeah that one. I posted, did my trackbacks through Haloscan because Blogger doesn't do automatic trackbacks. Then I went to bed, knowing that I had written a fairly good post, well relatively speaking. I woke up this morning, saw that I had completely mispelled the word "Compromise" in the title. If I corrected the mistake, Blogger automatically creates a new "permalink" to the post, so all my trackbacks that I had sent would send people to a dead link...)

Yes. I thought about keeping the mispelling, but I didn't know what was worst: Looking like an idiot because I mispelled compromise. Or looking like an idiot because I had sent out a bunch of dead-linked trackbacks... I chose the latter but now I'm thinking the worst thing is blogging about the whole thing in the first place... oh wait. Ugh.
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