May 25, 2005

As much as I have

As much as I have tried to be upset about this filibuster deal, I must say, it didn't really bother me. Sure it seems much of the blogosphere is whining and crazed about how the Republicans gave a compromise when they didn't have to in the first place and how this will actually allow the Democrats to continue to filibuster...and oh the humanity! What a tragedy!

Um. No. First of all, it seems to me that many people who are so upset are under the impression that just because the Democrats hold the minority in the Senate, they should just lie down and let the Republicans have everything they want. Really? Well let me tell you this, if I were a constituent of one of those minority players I would expect my Senator to fight full force for my belief system and my ideals regardless how many other Senators held memberships to his party. I would be downright upset if the Senator I voted for and sent to D.C. ended up not trying to have a voice in the proceedings.

The Democrats should have a say. They should be able to "advise" the president, and although I have never been a great big fan of filibusters, it is a constitutional option. And it apparently is working for the Democrats in some aspects. They have been very effective in blocking judicial nominees. They have been so effective in fact that the majority party was forced into a compromise to get a little of what each party wanted and to be able to move on to more important matters (...yeah, all this filibuster stuff was getting in their way of bad example).

Second of all, if the Republicans can just "take a chill pill" for a minute and relax, they need to realize that no matter how effective the filibustering has been, there have been negatives. Anything that makes the Democrats look like the nay sayers that they are, in my book, can't be all that bad. Have you forgotten Tom Daschle? He was politically killed because of filibusters. If we could be patient and let other Democrats self destruct, then it wouldn't be so bad. Instead Republicans are getting just as crazed and out there as our Democrat friends...and they all look like kindergarteners that skipped naptime. It's not pretty. When playing politics: Try not to look like the crazy ones.

Third. As wonderful as this Republican majority fest has been, it's not going to last. What? Did I say something you truly did not know? Sure, we can work hard and try to keep it afloat as long as possible, but usually when one party gets more control, they tend to have more opportunity to mess it up. So now, Mr. Republican (or Mrs. Republican!) let's say in ten or so years, you're the minority party. And a judicial nominee comes up that is against your every ideal. You can't stand the fact that this person could be deciding on important matters for this nation for the rest of their life. This person in your mind, is not a person you want in a judiciary position. What are your options? What do you do?

If we go "nuclear" now...then we won't have a chance later. (I wanted to add, "DUH" at the end of this sentence but I just thought that might seem petty.)

What? Not convinced to "chill out"? Well Decision '08 says we should be "chillin' like a villain". Go see his "Coalition of the Chillin'" ... and Beth at MVRWC says "I have to say, I wonder just how “conservative” some of the people are who complain about the compromise are, if they’re willing to bolt on ONE issue–whether the nuclear option is invoked. " Ouch. Rightpundit has a wait and see attitude and says it might not be too bad. And Ogre is cool, calm and collected ...well as calm as an Ogre could be... (who by the way doesn't have Ogre's Politics and Views on your blogroll, yet?!)

Okay, now who wants to disagree?

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