May 24, 2005

I am not sure how

I am not sure how much longer I can continue to post. The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. I know the clever ruse of the AC being out (ok, it actually is out) and the lies I told about having to connect on Aol dial up (actually still doing that too) have thrown "them" off track. But I have information. Information of high national importance. And I feel it is only right to share this with my readers. I am sure once this site is revealed it will be taken down immediately. But I am willing to risk it. The truth must be known.

Though anonymous sources have been spreading the rumors for several months, it was not until I saw the pictures that I knew that the rumors could be confirmed.

A high level official in the United States Government has indeed married a low level blogger.

Click here for all the sordid details...

I guess I should begin from the beginning. The "Choose My Bride" poll on Jeff H's Think Sink should of tipped us all off. The constant badgering of his readers for their advice as to who he should marry should've maybe made us wonder. The thinly veiled satire posts with Condi as his bride only made us think he was completely insane. The incessant ramblings of her boots, could we have known? The frustrating amount of Condi references in his posts and his comments.

He is most definitely in love, and we all, myself included, doubted him when he spoke of his beloved wife. Although the ceremony was in a top secret undisclosed location, they made one fatal mistake in their flawless plan to unite in holy matrimony...actually they made two mistakes:

One. They took wedding pictures.

Two. They hired Evil Sarah K from Mountaineer Musing fame to be the photographer. She was easily bribed to relinquish never before published pictures (Evil Sarah K's price by the way is $3.00 and a bag of Doritos...who knew?)... hmm she takes a good picture though:

(Thanks Sir Kisser for the beautiful work done here!)

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