May 23, 2005

They finally let me

They finally let me host a carnival! It's so exciting! And even more cool is the fact that I get to highlight some rising stars in the blogosphere. The new guys just figuring it all out...of course after reading some of their posts, I realize that I could probably learn a few things from them. Maybe we need an old blog showcase too? Or a NO blog showcase (yeah, I'd be the first in line for that one!)... okay enough rambling... on to the S T A R S of the SHOW:

Common Folk Using Common Sense submits "When Diversity becomes Discrimination":

The report explains that the first 10 slots in certain classes are reserved for students who "identify as being African-American, Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Chicano/Latino, Native American or multiracial" so as to "provide a comforting environment that minority students may not get in other classes." How much longer will it take for those who run America's institutions of higher learning to learn that purportedly worthy goals do not justify racial discrimination?

Palmetto Pundit has great thoughts regarding "Saddam, the Humiliated":

It's really hard to feel sorry for someone who is given the royal treatment considering the treatment he routinely gave to others. If there is a crime that has been committed in this whole affair, it is the fact that he is being treated so well!

The Pulpit Pounder wants everyone to know that the "Dictionary--A Tool, Not an Argument":

Could somebody explain to me why there seems to be this fad in the blogosphere to trot out a favorite dictionary every time an issue is being discussed, point to a definition, and go "AHA, look, I can find a dictionary that agrees with my view, you lose!"

Pitiful Blather (gotta love that name!) blathers about "Blathering about Storms Indoor and Out":

YES! Praise be to all that is good and holy! The first thunderstorm of spring! I am ecstatic. The one and only thing that mars what would otherwise be a sublime moment of experiential perfection is my brain-damaged dog. Hereinafter to be known as?well, Brain-Damaged Dog, or BD Dog.

Enlightenment Reactionary submits "Russia Threatens Force Over US Weapons Plans--Or--Still Spending the Peace Dividend ", using the "new expanded Koran" to explain these "complex times":

And so it came to pass that He whom is evil incarnate, George W. Bush, as well as his hordes of infidel followers, offended peace-loving Muslims the world over by their ostentatious display of paved streets, flush toilets, and buildings blasphemously taller than any mosque, forcing us to incinerate unbelievers who had committed the crime of having jobs and good dental hygiene.

What A Life contributes "A Reel Movie Review - Star Wars Episodio III", I'm just a bit upset because the plot is totally ruined in this review, I mean, did you know Darth Vader was Luke and Leia's father? Who knew? Anyways take a look at this very unusual funny review:

Speaking of Darth Spring Break when I was in college at the UT, I went to Padre (or as people not from Texas say - South Padre Island). My friends and I crossed the border to Matamoros, Mexico to party at the clubs there because that was the cool (and unsafe) thing to do.

TS Right Dominion asks "Who Are The Right Wing Extremists?":

So Priscilla Owens and Janice Rogers Brown are extremists, huh? What about someone like the 1993 Clinton appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Here's someone SO extreme, that it sounds like she'd be great paired up with the likes of Ward Churchill or Michael Moore! Thing is, the leftists know that if Bush's nominees get through, they've truly lost. The judiciary is the only stronghold they have left in government now that the GOP has overtaken the White House, Congress, most governorships and state legistatures, and their hold on the media is fading away.

The Smirk presents "Horny Pills":

When I became a teenage, I refused to drink milk. My mother worried about my growing bones, so she gave me calcium supplements to take. I gladly took the calcium pills because milk was gross and I hated it.These particular supplements that she bought had a pretty green coating on them and I carried some of them around in my purse along with a couple of aspirins.

What?! You haven't had enough of the showcase? Well I was hoping you'd say that! Click here to read more...

First of all, if you want even more talented new bloggers to peruse, University Blog has posted a list some of these newer members of the blogosphere. A very good resource to check out.

Now I thought it'd be fun to include some great links that might help some newer bloggers out (and we might all learn something as well), so here are some of the great secrets of blogging (we are allowed to reveal this stuff, right?):

"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blogging" posted on Mudville Gazette

Bad Example's wonderful blogging tips:

And now a helpful hint to all the new bloggers out there, if you want to be successful at blogging then NEVER EVER click HERE.

Well folks that's the carnival. I hope you enjoyed the show! Feel free to trackback and comment and if you're a new blogger make sure to submit a post for next week's showcase. And if you're an experienced blogger, why haven't you signed up to host yet?

I mean, they had to resort to letting me do it for goodness sake!

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