May 22, 2005

I am hosting the NEW

I am hosting the NEW BLOG SHOWCASE next Monday. If you are a new blogger (3 months or less) then you are REQUIRED to submit an entry to the showcase (what? You didn't know that this was a blogging requirement? I bet you don't know about the elevator pass either...)
Anyway, please submit something and let me highlight you and your new blog!
Update (5-21-2005): Wouldn't it be fun to spread the word about this great Carnival? Go ahead, it's Saturday, nothing better to do but let some new blogger know that they can get some attention if they submit a post to the carnival! Have them send all submissions to:

Update 2:
You know, another fun thing to do if you're a blogger that's been around longer than 3 months is to sign up to host this thing...

And yes, this post will stay at the top for the weekend, so scroll down. I might even write a post today...

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