May 19, 2005

Here is my quick post

Here is my quick post of the day, just a thought that I'm interested in hearing your opinion on. I hope it at least keeps some of my regular readers interested while I'm away.

There are a lot of different routes to Atlanta from Orlando. You could take I-4 to 95 and go that way. You could take I-75. You even have the option of going north on 441 and take it toward Atlanta. Then once you get into the city of Atlanta, you can take the bypass or drive straight through. If you know exactly where you need to be, then you can take a road that a normal tourist might not be aware of. Yes, some routes are longer and would take more time. But you would still be eventually to the same place.

If you are driving on 95 and a horrible accident occurs and all you see for miles and miles is debris and cars piled upon cars, you know that this road will be closed for you for quite sometime. Maybe this is the highway you wanted to take, maybe you even felt that this was your only way. So now you have to choose. Do you stay where you will be stagnant and still until the road opens? Or do you try another course? The road that is closed may never open up in time for you to reach your destination, but you still have time to take another road. And start another journey to reach your destiny. What do you do?

God's will. Ever heard of it? It's that ever mystical journey that we begin as Christians to find God's will in our lives. It is the catch phrase to end all catch phrases in my Apostolic Pentecostal stomping grounds. We say it all the time, if it's His will. We wonder when we are single about His will in our lives for our spouse (thank God, that one is settled for me!). Then our career. Our ministry. Everything must be in His will. But what does it really mean? And is there just one will or many? What is the Will of God?

My thoughts about this have always centered around this premise: The closer we come to God, His desires become our own, and His will becomes our will. His purpose as we walk with Him becomes our purpose. I believe this fully, but is the will of God a destination or the journey to our destination? Is it one path or do we have many paths to achieve it? Yes. the road to heaven is straight and narrow, but I'm not referring to that road. I am referring to the map of a Christian's purpose.

A friend was recently devastated because the person she thought she was destined to marry, married someone else. She was devestated because at one time she felt that God's will for them was to marry. But he fell away from God and in doing so put her aside as well. He caused a horrific crash of dreams in this girl's life, but doesn't she have the choice to go an alternate route? And still end up where God purposed her to be?

Maybe the alternate routes are God's true path afterall. Maybe the horrific crash was all part of her learning something about disappointment. Maybe it's comforting for us to know that if we end up on a road and make a mistake or lose our way, there is still an alternate route to achieve what God purposes for us. As long as we are going the right direction and not stuck on a closed road, He is waiting for us to achieve His will in our lives.

What is the will of God to you?

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