May 18, 2005

Well. It's official. I must

Well. It's official. I must be addicted to blogging. I must be to be blogging right now with dial-up. I wanna go home and use my nice DSL! Sigh.

Where to begin? The air conditioner, or as we in Florida like to call, the only reason we stay in Florida, went out Tuesday and so the baby and I are staying with my parents. My husband is staying with his parents to help take care of my father-in-law who had a heart attack Saturday night. He is going to be fine and he was very lucky. But we were a little scared and I did get to babysit my sister-in-law's two youngest kids for a while.

Have you ever seen three carseats in the back of a little Honda Civic? No, I hadn't either, and I hope to never see it again. Her youngest is just a newborn, and her second youngest is three. My daughter, who is two, was in heaven. Of course.

Anyway, the air conditioner will be replaced next week sometime and then everything will be back to normal... well as normal as my life can get...

Hey and did you notice the pun in the title of this post? I thought that was cool. He,he. Okay, sorry. He,He... okay, it was funny to me.

So how are you doing?

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