May 17, 2005

I have finally figured it

I have finally figured it out! Beth from MVRWC is intimidated by my sheer talent at blogging and she is doing everything in her power to contain this little blog and shield it from the greatness it most certainly deserves!

First Beth sends an "harmless" email that contains this link : Stumble! (Please, for your own sake, don't click it!)... and I have been sucked into the most insane creative websites invented now when I come to my computer, my already limited time is drastically reduce because I must...MUST...stumble...

THEN Ms. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy links to 63 days...which I spent all my blogging time last night reading...

But Jody, she links to you all the time! She's helping you! Yeah, I've figured that one out too, don't think I haven't. She links to my "off" posts, the ones that aren't quite quality filled as the other ones. Yeah cause that comments one was a classic.

NOT ONLY THAT, but Beth continues to try to show me up, doing little things like putting up a phenomenally good New Blogger's Showcase, knowing full well that I have to host next week! (New bloggers -- go to the Showcase blog to learn more)... I mean, how can I even expect to compete with what she has done this week? I have to follow that? Not really fair, now is it?

I'm on to you, sista (yeah, and I went there and used the sister with an "a", which means that I mean business)! Don't think I'm not!

Beth is also kind of scary, so if anyone asks... you don't know a thing.

Posted by Jody at May 17, 2005 07:19 AM | TrackBack

Wait--you had quality-filled posts? I need links, baby...

Posted by: Jeff H at September 22, 2005 10:35 PM
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