May 15, 2005

I have been receiving traffic

I have been receiving traffic lately from Google and Yahoo picking up from an old Terri Schiavo post I wrote referring to her starvation and questioning the words of her husband and his lawyer that this truly was a "painless way to die". Unfortunately, I know that the search for "A Painless Way to Die" is not a search for Terri and her awful plight but those keying in those solemn words are searching for ways to commit suicide. On the advice of Janette from Common Sense Runs Wild and with her help constructing this message, I'd like to talk about "A Painless Way to Die." I admit that I have delayed this post a bit, because it is difficult. But I understand now why it is so necessary.
If you are looking for a Painless Way to Die because you feel lost and alone, I am sorry but there is no painless way to die. Anyway you choose to remove yourself from this world will cause someone pain. If not your physical pain, then the emotional pain of your friends and your family. You will cause unimaginable pain to everyone who knows you. Someone will be changed because of your action. Your suicide will cause someone grief. It will cause someone pain. And it may cause others to follow, because you took the easy way out, why can't they?

You think it won't matter? You are wrong.

Right now you think that no one cares, but someone does. You may think that this is the only way out, but it is not! The hurt and loneliness you feel right now is just a season. The storm will subside, you will see the light. Please don't give up. Don't give in, your life is worth something. God is there, He sees you and knows that you feel dead and empty inside. He is looking at you and while you see nothingness, He sees the hope and potential of your entire life. It is not worth ending, it is worth so much more living. You are special and you do have purpose. Please be patient and please know that He loves you more than you can ever know.

Call someone right now. A friend. A family member. Call 1-800-SUICIDE and they will help you.

Remember there is no PAINLESS WAY TO DIE.

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