May 14, 2005

Now that a Democrat has

Now that a Democrat has plans to break the ranks of his party and to propose a way to "fix" Social Security, I wonder if we can expect more Democrats to follow?

Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat from Florida, said Friday, "I have the largest amount of Social Security recipients of any Democrat anywhere in the country. My allegiance to seniors is greater than my allegiance to the Democratic Party." What's that? Allegiance to the people you serve and not the party you are a member of? Not the AARP? Or other special interests? I am absolutely shocked!

Although his proposal involves tax increases for the rich (of course, that is standard party line isn't it?), it is significant because Rep. Wexler is the first Democrat to take his head out of the sand and come to the table to reasonably discuss the issue. If you are completely unwilling to see that there is a problem, then you will be completely unable to fix it.

Oh and the best part? Nancy Pelosi's reaction, of course:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., recently quashed a meeting in which some of her fellow Democrats were set to discuss Social Security with the head of the AARP and a group of Republicans.

Wexler said he had twice spoken with Pelosi about his plan. While he would not reveal her reaction, he said, “It would be wrong to assume it was a receptive conversation.

Jennifer Crider, a Pelosi spokeswoman, said: “There are Democrats with a lot of different ideas. This is one member’s take, but it is not the Democratic plan.” (Emphasis added)

Right, keep your head in the sand, while vision and resolve pass you by. Maybe Wexler's example will inspire others, at the very least it's keeping good old Nancy awake at nights...and that's fun too.

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