May 12, 2005

He may say he

He may say he loves you, but if he hits you, calls you names, makes you feel small. He doesn't. He may say he's sorry but he really isn't. You might get an adrenaline rush everytime the fight reaches that point where he loses control. It couldn't possibly be that you let him treat you this way, you allow this to happen by staying with him. You are the victim, right? The martyr to always take him back and change him. Fine, be stupid. And eventually he'll kill you. If not physically then anything left of your spirit will absolutely die. Do whatever you want. It's your choice, it's your life.

Until. You have a baby. Then it stops being about you. Get out. He will not change and you will destroy your child's life. You might not feel your life is worth it, but your baby's life is. And if you don't, and he does harm your baby?

Then you should go to jail too. He kills your baby? You should be locked up for life too. You have a responsibility to protect your children, not him. But it's not that easy? No it's not. It takes hard work and a little bit of determination. You have nowhere to go? Go to a shelter, go to a police station, go to a hospital. Go somewhere. You think he'll kill you? He'll kill you if you stay.

Grow up and do what's right for your child. Why does your baby deserve to be abused or to die because he has a stupid mother and a violent father?

You can only be a victim if you allow it.

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