May 11, 2005

Your 8 year old daughter

Your 8 year old daughter steals money from you. Your natural recourse? Well naturally to stab her and her best friend to death. Sick. Ugly. Vile. Disgusting. Putrid. What a maniacal egostical crazed lunatic. How a father could do this is beyond any reasoning or any grasp of my imagination. But he confessed. He admitted that he did because... because he was angry at her for taking money from him. For taking his money. He kills his own daughter. For taking something from him, he slaughters her and her best friend. WHY?

A judge denied bond for Jerry Hobbs after prosecutors described a videotaped interview in court in which they said he told investigators he stabbed the girls to death. Hobbs’ daughter, Laura Hobbs, and her friend Krystal Tobias, 9, were found dead Monday in a park in Zion, the day after they vanished.

The 34-year-old father, who had been released from a Texas prison last month, told investigators he was angry at Laura when he tracked her and Krystal in the wooded park, punched her and then killed both girls, prosecutors said.

It just drives me out of mind with grief to know that there are so many children hurting and in pain, because people are too selfish to care about anything other than themselves. What would a real father, a real man have done in this situation? The answer is obivious isn't it? ISN'T IT?! Not THIS!

John Peterson. Jerry Hobbs. And then there's the sicko who killed his wife, mother-in-law, his three children in California.

Yes. I am angry. And disgusted. And you should be too. It is our duty to protect those who can't protect themselves. Why are we failing them so miserably?

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