May 11, 2005

Rightpundit brings to attention The

Rightpundit brings to attention The Washington Times article that states:

The war in Iraq is increasingly looking more like a showdown with Osama bin Laden?s al Qaeda followers than a battle primarily against Saddam Hussein loyalists.


?In the Muslim world and extremist world, this fight for Iraq is their key battle,? said Gen. McInerney. ?If they lose it, they lose the war. And so the imams are inciting young people, not particular well-educated, to head to Iraq. Most are going through Syria via Damascus.

?This is why Iraq is such a fundamental part of the global war on terrorism. When we finally defeat Muslim extremists, it will be the battle in Iraq that defeats them."

This has never been and never will be just a fight against Saddam Hussein and just his atrocious human rights violations (although wasn't it nice to be able to remove his sorry tyrannical butt from power?). This has never been and never will be a fight for oil... This is quite simply part of the war on Terror. We are fighting against and winning the war against the same people who saw victory when those towers fell and when the Pentagon was damaged. This is still a war against those men who attacked our land, our people and tried to attack our freedom.

Yeah. Did you need a reminder?

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