April 28, 2005

Kathleen Garret's lawyer, Thomas Egan

Kathleen Garret's lawyer, Thomas Egan is quoted as saying that, "You'd have to be a lawyer to understand."

Understand what?

How Kathleen Garret, a special education teacher for autistic children is now willing to admit to hitting the kids but thinks the criminal charges should be dropped because she didn't hit them hard. Seriously.

"None of the young people identified as purported victims incurred any significant welts or bruises as a result of any activities by Kathleen Garrett," the motions say.
Um. Not a lawyer, but I do understand. Kathleen is another example of someone abusing a child who can not defend themselves and now is trying desperately, apparently with the help of her brilliant lawyer, to get away with it. I understand that completely.

This incident(several abuse complaints had been filed and the school ignored them until her arrest), the five year old being handcuffed and the bus monitor molesting children (and not suspended from the job even after the first incidents were reported) shows an alarming pattern of the school system failing to protect their children. But Jody, the school doesn't have the resources to hire better teachers, they're short staffed, that five year old was a brat...Fine. But none of those excuses, excuse the fact that children are being hurt and traumatized.

A concerned parent worried about their child's well-being? Homeschool. Private School. Or show up when they don't expect you. Let them know that you are watching out for your child.

And schools? Get it together. If you have to be shortstaffed to protect a child. Protect a child. If you have to call the police to handle a kindergartner, call in a counselor or even child protective services instead. People who are actually trained to deal with these situations. If you need a bus monitor that bad that you're willing to keep a pervert on staff, then as a parent, I'll make one afternoon free to ride the bus. I am sure others would be willing to do the same.

There are no easy answers, but the only right answer is to protect the children!

(And yes, I am aware that all of these incidents occurred in Florida...)

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