April 28, 2005

My Blogroll is out of

My Blogroll is out of control.

But there are so many good blogs...so little time. Here are a few of the recent additions:

American Warmonger
An American Housewife
The American Princess
Flaming Duck
Ogre's politics and views
Prying 1

Can you blame me for having these blogs on my blogroll?

Oh and just because we're on the blogroll topic, Aimz and Reggie have both moved to new sites which I updated on my roll. Click their names to check out their new homes...

And yes. The number on my blogs on my personal blogroll is an even number...but you guys really didn't need to know that did you?

OH! And I added the "blogroll me" linky thing to my sidebar so now you can one step blogroll "thebandwagon" (HINT HINT!)...

Update: What has 8 eyes and 8 legs? 8 pirates!! heehee... and my favorite pirate of all has reminded me that he too has moved, so check out the new and improved Pirate's Cove... and update your blogroll's!!!

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