April 27, 2005

I don't think any constitutional

I don't think any constitutional admendment could be passed to "save" this marriage:
Kuttiyamma, 29, a rubber-tapping worker, and her relative, Laura, 25, had been in love for the last 15 years. When they realized they were inseparable, Kuttiyamma, who was born with inter-sex features, decided to go in for 'sex deformity correctional' surgery. After a treatment spread over 18 months, Kuttiyamma underwent an operation at Kochi's PVS hospital last month. That's how Kuttiyamma became Binu. Binu then approached his lover to talk about their wedding plans, only to be told that his lover was already engaged to another man.

I guess the moral of this story is to just be yourself?

Yeah. Okay.

And what's a rubber tapper?

(ht: BobG @ Sweet Spirits of Ammonia)

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