April 25, 2005

Until this blog is cleaned

Until this blog is cleaned up and all the comments are even!!!

Well I have been enjoying my blog break and it has been fun to watch Janette take over and "steal" thebandwagon. She did a great job, even if she instigated a coup and savagely made my poor readers post odd numbered comments. It's okay, I'm back now. Everything is okay. You guys can once again normal comment posting procedures...

I've noticed that Janette may have picked up a few new readers here that might be disappointed that I have regained control (hey, ya'll might all be disappointed; just don't let me know, k?). But that too is okay because Janette has her own blog which she does a fabulous job at called Common Sense Runs Wild. It's a small upstart blog with a few readers, but I certainly see potential. ;) Ha ha... thanks Janette!

So, yes, I'm back. In case you want the boring details: I went to a church conference (which wasn't boring at all), then I lurked around the internet and enjoyed a few more days of non-blogging...ahhh

So now that I'm refreshed, I am sure my readers will see an increase of quality on this blog by at least...oh... 2%.

So stay tuned!!

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