April 19, 2005

This story is posted over

This story is posted over at papercut chainsaw about the marathon runner who ...took a...um... rest stop during the race:

Radcliffe, who broke British hearts when she tearfully dropped out of the Athens Olympic marathon last year, shocked viewers and commentators alike when she pulled over to the side of the road and crouched.

Fans feared a humiliating repeat of her Grecian failure, when, as the hot favourite she staggered off the road and out of the race with cramps.

Instead, it was an embarrassment of an entirely different kind as the world record holder made a televised toilet stop.

She then quickly recovered her stride and romped to victory, breaking the line at Buckingham Palace in one of the fastest women's times in history.

Well I guess her persistence should be admired. There's a picture too...but yeah, wasn't going to post that.
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