April 17, 2005

A week ago, the

A week ago, the church that I attended all my life before I married and moved about 40 miles north, hosted a large youth rally. It was the first in many years that I did not attend. Our youth pastor and his wife escorted our youth group and they were sincerely touched. The singing was wonderful. The preaching was phenomenal and ministered to so many souls. Over 1000 people attended to worship and praise God.

One of these attendees was a little girl from a small church in Ruskin, Fl. She too was among the many young people who were touched. Her youth pastor says she stayed in the altar weeping and praying for 45 minutes. She was 13, from a broken neglectful home and the little country church had become her refuge and God was sincerely her personal savior.

This little girl was last seen alive the evening her youth pastor dropped her off at home after the rally had ended.

An evil man took her life in what seems to be an all too common story. And this morning, I had to explain to my Sunday School kids why these things happen to someone who believed that God was her help, her hope and her strength. Where was God for Sarah Lunde?

I told them that the rain falls on the just and the unjust and we are blessed to know God during the storms. Sarah is with God now, she is fine, better than she ever has been before. It is her family and friends that need the strength now. We prayed. And I saw my kids realize once again that they are not safe. They will never be completely secure, and if it could happen to one of the 1000 attendees at a youth rally, it could happen to them. We talked how it wasn't about living our lives in fear but living our lives smartly and trusting our instincts and allowing us to still trust in Him.

There is never a right thing to say about these things. It is terrible and horrific and should never ever happen. But the world has become so evil, man has become selfish and willing only to please themselves. Thinking nothing of the consequences or the hurt they will bring, but only of the few moments of primitive sastifaction and the power. The absolute rage that I feel toward these individuals is only softened when I remind myself that justice will be done. If not here, then later with God as the perfect judge.

I guess the only thing that we can do is pray. Pray for Sarah's family and her church family. Her friends and youth group. They have experienced a tremendous loss that only few can imagine.

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