April 13, 2005

First I asked everyone to

First I asked everyone to play the interview game. Beth graciously agreed and I ignored her responses and never linked to them!

Second, she emailed me and asked me to do a South Park Character for her wonderful gallery.
Which she promptly posted, again, I never linked to her. Here is my caricature of myself, by the way. (Yes, it would not have been me if my mouth was not open.)

Then she does a phenomenal bonfire of the vanities, which I completely ignored (yep, no link!). You have to make bad blog posts sound at least interesting, that takes talent, for sure. The only reason that I didn't submit one is because I couldn't choose one of the many of last week's posts...although I think "the one that shall not be named" would have been a fine addition...

Of course now, if I do an all things Beth post, I really should do an all things Jeff post for all the non-reciprocated links. And an all things Janette post for all the unanswered emails...and an all things Reggie for the hundred tips he's given to me...and an all things Dave because of his tireless campaign to save the hubble...and an all things Stacy because of all her insightful comments...and an all things Darlene to once again tell her how much I appreciate the web design and the haloscan image (oops, another unanswered email)...and...

Well I'm out of time. Guess that will all just have to wait. ;)

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