April 13, 2005

I almost feel sorry for

I almost feel sorry for liberals. What will they complain about if Bush's foreign policy initiatives really do succeed? Just a few interesting developements:

Casualties continuing to decline in Iraq (via RightPundit and No Oil for Pacifists).

First woman governor ever in the history of Afghanistan (yes, Afghanistan) appointed (via Speed of Thought).

And Afghanistan president, Karzai may request a permanent US military base in Afghanistan...

But don't worry! You can always complain about the price of oil. Oh wait, if you mention that, it might be like admitting that the Iraq war wasn't about oil afterall. No, don't do that.

I know! Don't worry because as so many of your blogs have delightful counters to remind you; Bush only has 1378 days left in office. And you know, just like I do, that no plan is perfect; so you might as well hope for the best...er...worst?

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