April 12, 2005

LarkNews.Com, I'm not sure how

LarkNews.Com, I'm not sure how to take this page. It is very funny. EXTREMELY funny. But it does seem to be a bit on the edge. It is like the Onion for Christians. I guess Christians can read it and laugh at themselves and non-Christians can read it and laugh at...well...Christians.

I think this satirical article about only two people making it in the rapture actually after the laughter provokes some thought as well:

The Rapture occurred March 31, 2005, at 9:43 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time and took both people on the planet whose theology was exactly correct.
Dan Wilson of Ottawa, Canada, was snatched away while sleeping.

"He spent years refining his eschatological scheme," says his wife. "Just last week he told me he had it all right, but I still disagreed with him on a minor point. I regret that now."
Rejna Thanawalla of New Delhi, India, also experienced the Rapture, say friends.
"She knew exactly what the books of Revelation and Daniel meant," they say. "Sadly, none of us listened to her."

This is an issue most Christians have dealt with. So many denominations preaching that they are correct and with everyone saying they are right, how do we know who is truly correct? I think this is also a breaking point for some who would be willing to become Christians but they can't understand the division between groups.

Make no mistake about it, a clear plan has been established in His Word to be "saved. " It begins with belief but once there is a true belief established, an action must follow. If I believed today that the world would end at midnight, my actions would be profoundly different than the day before.

Once we put our beliefs into our action, our journey has begun.

Will we become content with just our belief? Or our subsequent action? Our repentance? Our baptism? Our receiving of the Holy Ghost? Contentment in our lives should never equate to contentment in our relationship with God. We should be rooted firmly in the principles of His Word but we should always be willing to walk further with Him.

God holds the world in his eternal hands. He is infinite and without reproach. His word is forever. His universe is vast and without bounds. Our journey does not end with a signature on the church membership roll or achieving the tenets established by any denomination. Our journey is not limited to such things for such an unlimited God.

I make no claims to having it all figured out, but lately I have wanted something more than my regular path. I am sick of the mundane. I am sick of every stumble and every detour I take. I let the little things that I shouldn't even consider, be the things that cause me to fail. I am constantly questioning my purpose and my calling, although God has already settled these things. I let gossip hinder. I let arguments weigh me down. I let discord be sown. I let pride trample humility. I let me get in the way of Him and...

And I can't help but wonder what would happen if we all, if I, who claim Jesus Christ as Lord of All, stepped away from the labels of our chosen denominations and just began our journey for ourselves. I am not talking about abandoning our churches, I am talking about taking our faith outside of those Sunday morning walls and walking with Him in his Word everyday. Walking with Him without the burden of our self-made fences and limits. Without confining our God to our narrow view of Him.

But walking with Him, having the faith to know that He is able and willing to do so much more than what we can even imagine. What treasures we would find and what gifts we would receive. Living for God is not just about being right when the rapture comes, but about serving a God who gave His life for us so we could have eternal life. It is about now. And how we decide to live. Either for ourselves with God contained, or for God with ourselves contained. What comes later will be right and good according to a perfect God; and we will have lived a much fuller life on earth because of His love and mercy.

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