April 12, 2005

I meant to mention this

I meant to mention this earlier and it won't be news to most of you but maybe a few of you will find it helpful. (whew-- how's that for a disclaimer?)

If you're a prolific blog reader, like me, then a useful tool is Bloglines. You can subscribe to get daily update feeds of your favorite blogs so you can only need to go one place to get the scoop. Usually I start there and end up going to the site I am reading anyway because the feed is usually not a complete feed of the site. I think it is a good way to scan what is going on and a way to keep track of the ever growing list of my favorite bloggers. It is also helpful to bloggers who are suffering from "blogger's block"; you can always piggyback off a post from your list of favorites.

I also include sites that I don't regularly visit but are nice to check up on once and a while.

Just trying to be helpful (I can do that occasionally), go check it out and see if it is something you would like to have. If it is, don't forget to subscribe to my blog! (Of course!)

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