March 30, 2005

Beth Beulah Mae loses her

Beth Beulah Mae loses her mind every Wednesday and this Wednesday has actually been very creative. She used my little harmless volunteering to be interviewed to dredge up all the fun posts on this blog...yes even the odd numbered comments one! AAAAA!! (She doesn't mention Britney though, I am surprised). So here goes my answering of Beulah Mae's fine questions:

Okeeedoakey JODY LOU u aksd fer it to…

1. ware the h*** u git so good at math and all?!!! i bet u past all ur math class’s at colledge dint u!!!

  • We here in florida has got something called standards. They wouldn't let me graduate until I took at least a math class in high school. Torturous I know. And of course you have to link to the comment thing, I am working through this issue and I'll have you know, Beulah, odd comments? No problem...Ellipses? Serious issues...

2. i bet u dint no them Bush’s were in that thair skeery YALIE club and r NWO and illuminati and mason’s and r mixded up in that thair kinspeerissy thang and thats why thay is tryin to kill all them sick peeple cuz randoll terry tole me. Aint that true????

  • This is indeed true. Once they kill all the sick people they will grind them up into hamburger patties called "Soylent Green". But since it will save money on healthcare for old people and it will be heartless and cruel; I as a Republican support this effort and feel it is my duty to conceal the Bushs' true intentions. I'd appreciate you not letting anyone else know.
3. why u aint lookin at no PICKUP trucks!!!??? u snobbey er sum thang?
  • Yep. "Sum Thang" like that. Don't worry though, Wendy has threatened to sic "her greasy grandmother" on me if I buy a Civic... that'll put me in my place.
4. why aint u lovin brother jessey and brother randoll like we folks in the trailor park???!!!

  • Because I ain't sure which one is my baby's daddy...
5. i all way’s want’d to be a hair dressor or nail teck when i growed up. wat did u wanna be when u grow’d up an r u sad that u aint a hair dressor or nail teck too???

  • I wanted to be president/hair dressor. That would've been the best

OK thats all fer JODY LOU fer now!!!! go see her and maik shore u lieve her sum coment’s!!!!!

Thanks Beth for the great laugh. Oh and you are soooo next. Give me time, you'll get your "interview." I'll play nice, promise. :)

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