March 29, 2005

We are looking to buy

We are looking to buy a new car (yay!). A smaller vehicle than the one I have now, and one that doesn't have so many dings and scratches... As my husband says," if you'd stop hitting things with it". Yes I know. Anyway, I have begun my preliminary search for cars so my husband can veto all my picks and ultimately choose the sensible boring one that is the "smart choice."

We don't want to spend a lot of money and it must be very safe, for obvious reasons that I am not going to mention.

So here are a few of my picks:

The Chevrolet Aveo. So cute! And yellow!

Scion: I would be the coolest mommy ever!

The Pt Cruiser. Not too shabby... I could dig it.

The Honda Civic. Safe. Reliable. Fuel Efficient. Family Orientated.

I wonder which one we'll get? :)

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