March 27, 2005

Their hopes dashed and their

Their hopes dashed and their dreams of a new life were beaten with each lash he suffered. They had thought that everything they were doing was for a better kingdom. But now that possibility seemed to fade away. They should have seen the signs; he was so pensive those last few days. His last moments with them in the garden had been stressful and trying. They realized now that he had known all along what was going to take place.

They felt betrayed too. Their colleague, their friend had betrayed him. Given him up for a few lousy pieces of silver. They felt such bitterness and anger.

Things had been going so well hadn't they?

Had they just imagined the miracles? Had they just wanted something to be so true? They had thought he was their Savior. The One promised by God. Was it all lies? No, they wrestled within themselves. He told us he would leave, but he said he would come back. He will come back...He was the One. They had seen too much. They knew too much to deny it. They were hurt and confused. And they felt so alone.

Whenever he was there, no matter what he was doing, they felt his guidance and his peace. No one could escape his presence without feeling different.

But to see him like that. They had seen crucifixions before but never one so harsh. It seemed as though all of humanity's evil and vile torture that could be wrought against each other was brought on him. When they saw the nails, (the nails!)...the others were hung by ropes, but his wrists were pierced with those steel spikes. The blood that was shed...

When he finally drew his last breath, it seemed their hope had died too. And as they grieved that second day, hope was mourned. Their loss could not be measured. But then dawn came. Morning came.

They heard the women first. They had gone to see his tomb. Now they were running toward them all. Joy sprang forth and a new day began, because hope had risen.

Jesus had risen so that we might all have hope, and hope more abundantly.

His disciples felt despondent, alone and so lost. Imagine if they could have know what was going to happen on that third day? Sometimes we lose our sight and our focus, but Jesus died and rose again so we would never lose our hope.

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