March 26, 2005

Some criticisms directed at George

Some criticisms directed at George Bush regarding Terri Schiavo stem from the fact that he signed a bill while governor of Texas that allowed hospitals to deny life saving treatment. Over at the Corner is a great explanation as to why GWB signed this bill and how this bill was actually an improvement over the law that existed at the time. In that the time span in which the patient's surrogate had to argue that the patient was worth treating was increased from 72 hours to 10 days.

Does that make the law right? No, but I think it is unnecessary to question the motivations of our president during this time. He tried as "leader of the free world" to help Terri by pushing for legislation to give jurisdiction to the federal courts. What happened? The federal courts snubbed their noses at the law and ignored Congress' intent.

One man does not run this country. We are a nation of checks and balances; to blame Terri's situation on the president or the governor or any legislator who tried to help by passing these laws is misguided and pointless.

For more thoughts about the limitations of our politicians, see this post by Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

And if you still need someone to blame for Terri's situation:

Blame anyone who has ever felt uncomfortable around a mentally disabled person. Blame the person who thought themselves better than the homeless man on the street. Blame that one who maybe dismissed another because they didn't seem to add value to the conversation or didn't seem "up to the task". Or blame someone who laughed or made fun of someone not quite as smart, or someone handicapped, or someone different.

Blame me and then blame yourself.

Because each time we devalue each other, we make it that much easier for others to devalue our lives as well.

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