March 23, 2005

Mickey Kaus from Slate's Kausfiles

Mickey Kaus from Slate's Kausfiles discusses the skewed poll done by ABC to determine if the public thinks that Terri should die:
I hadn't realized that the surprising ABC poll about the Schiavo case--showing overwhelming anti-tube sentiment--was so badly worded and biased. (For one thing, it falsely tells pollees that Terri Schiavo is on "life support." For another, it leads with the flat assertion that "Doctors say she has no consciousness and her condition is irreversible."*)
Kaus also comments about the talking points memo that was reported on by ABC:
Malkin, Morrissey and Powerline also raise doubts about that clumsy Republican talking points memo that ABC's Linda Douglass first trumpeted. I'm not so sure that you'd expect a letterhead on such a hastily-drawn memo, or even the correct bill title. It's not like it's a blog or something formal! It's less clear that the memo was written by anyone in the GOP leadership as opposed to a pro-life lobbying group, as Malkin points out. Yet unless you listened very carefully to Douglass' slyly worded report you got the distinct impression that it was a Republican leadership document. (ABC's own web site headlined the story "GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo ") ... Anyway, why should it be news--obscuring the actual merits of the case--that politics is involved in federal legislation? The civil rights movement was a political constituency too. ... ABC's performance during this whole story --starting with its sneering Friday coverage--has been pretty much a disgrace. ...
A disgrace, indeed.
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