March 21, 2005

Coca-Cola will introduce yet another

Coca-Cola will introduce yet another zero calorie drink... Now I love the diet sodas. Yes, I can taste the difference but it's not enough to make me want to drink all those useless "more fat on the thighs" calories. Believe me if I didn't have Diet Cherry Coke in the morning then you would not like me very much. It is my daily dose of caffeine that helps me be the cheerful wonderful person that you tolerate so dearly. Or something like that.

However. Why do we need another diet drink? Can't we branch out here a little bit, please? So as a service to the community I'd like to offer these suggestions:

  • No calorie pizza (Pizza Hut, I'm talking to NO CARB pizza...come on, I'd be your best friend...)
  • Tacos Lite
  • Whopper Jr. Zero
  • Diet Chocolate Cake
  • French Fries Free
Again, no pressure or anything, but I'd be grateful.

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